Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Double Art Opening

 Barry O'Keefe & Luke Boyd

Old Haunts: Barry O'Keefe Art Opening - Friday, August 2, 5-7pm
Barry will visit Athens from Richmond, VA, to say hello, and show his new body of work, Old Haunts, in the Arts West Upstairs Gallery. Barry graduated with a Masters in Printmaking from Ohio University several years ago. His notable artworks in the Athens, Ohio, area include the Nelsonville Brick mural, and the leather-bound book mural near the Nelsonville Public Library. Barry's work focuses on community building, activism and histories. Check out his work and enjoy some live music with Ted Harris on August 2nd! The exhibit will be on display August 2 - 28.
FB Event Link: Old Haunts: Barry O'Keefe Art Opening
Crumbles: Luke Boyd Art Opening - Friday, August 2, 5-7pm
As part of this double art opening, Luke will exhibit his new ​showCrumbles, in the Art West Downstairs Gallery along with a plethora of cakes to eat for FREE. An artist and baker, with a recently acquired Masters in Painting & Drawing from OU, Luke is interested in building community through baking, painting and sharing cake. The cake paintings illustrate different human emotions and conditions. Luke's work will be on display August 2nd-28th. 

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