Friday, March 04, 2011

Aquabear County Fair's in full swing

Last night Aquabear Legion kicked off it's 5th Annual County Fair at The Union Bar and Grill. Events continue throughout this weekend with the closing day being Sunday, March 6 at ARTS/West at 2:00 pm with a FREE AFTERNOON POTLUCK and the sweet, sweet sounds of the Super Desserts (Columbus), Brian Harnetty (Columbus), Adam Remnant (Athens).

You may have been or will be asked to fill out a survey by Sherri, Jess or me. Here's the skinny:

As the Athens Municipal Arts Council (AMAC) and members of the Athens County Arts Consortium begin the Americans for the Arts, Arts and Economic Prosperity IV Study (A&EP4), they are turning to the local community for help in completing an accurate survey of the arts economy in the region.

The Athens County arts and heritage culture have an enormous impact on quality of life and local economy, and the A&EP4 Study offers an opportunity to understand the economic numbers in more concrete terms. The study will be determining the economic impact of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. For example, the economic impact of fifteen dollars spent on a show ticket is more accurately accounted for when considering 1) how much of that fifteen dollars remains in the local economy, such as what percentage goes to an employee’s salary, which pays for groceries, rent, and a tank of gasoline, and 2) the amount spent overall by the audience member in meals, transportation, baby-sitting, and other items related to the event.

Athens County citizens can support this study by 1) forwarding information to AMAC about arts and culture organizations in the county, including contact information (contact person, address, phone, and email), and 2) being on the lookout for opportunities to participate in this study via surveys distributed at local arts events. Data will be collected from arts and culture patrons in simple ten-question surveys at various functions throughout the coming year. Completing a survey will only take two minutes! Surveys are essential to creating an accurate account of the economic impact of arts in the area. By completing this study, AMAC and the local Arts Consortium hope to establish a concrete understanding of the impact of arts and culture on the quality of life in Athens County; specifically, on the financial and economic sectors of our community. With this data, residents in Athens County will be able to plan for future economic arts and cultural development.

For more information or to provide information about nonprofit arts and culture organizations to be included in the study please write or call: AMAC; c/o ARTS/West, 132 West State St. Athens, OH 45701; 740 592-4315.

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