Friday, August 06, 2010

Drew's First Blog Post!

Greetings, fellow ARTS/West-ers! My name is Drew, and I am the work study student here at 132 West State Street who ardently works to bring artistic performances and opportunities to the Athens community (with the help of 'The Team' here at ARTS/West, of course!).

I've gotta say, so far this summer, I've seen some pretty fantastic things happening here in the building. We started the season off with OVST's three-week summer Youth Camp, and I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of kids! Swiftly after a performance of the Camp's production of "Furry Tales With A Twist," everyone here had to start burying their noses into all of the play submissions for the 2010 Humble Play Festival. Although not all submissions will be included in the Festival, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the local theater companies end up doing with those plays that were deemed worthy of our selection. The process a play has to go through in order to become a Fine-Tuned Theater Machine has always been an interesting one to me due to the fact that I'm a Theater Performance Major here at OU, so just working at ARTS/West during the Festival definitely satisfies my sweet tooth for playwriting!

Recently, The Team (that's Emily, Ashley, myself, Katie, Jess, and Nate) sat down to brainstorm new ways to get the word of what we do here out to the community, and since then I've been diligently creating new ways to market the space. Because the building here is fit for the possibility of concerts, art shows, classes, plays, and so many other things, we figured that we should work towards getting the ARTS/West name all over town. In order to complete said mission, I've put my Photoshop skills to the test by designing a new marketing campaign for ARTS/West that not only addresses a wider variety of artists, but also concentrates on what they, as an individual or group of artists, may be looking for when it comes to showcasing their art. Be it a rehearsal space, photography studio, classroom, concert venue, or screen to premiere their newest film on; ARTS/West wants to help!

Here's a little preview of the posters. Make sure to keep your eye out for them when you're out on the town!

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