Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring break what?

You may be out of town or you may not but if you are and a youngin' you are here for the APE Centers Spring Break Theater and Music Camp! Pretty awesome stuff happening. Junebug has some little chicks following him all over the place. I love it!

So, what else is going on? Well ALPACA is hosting another meet and greet pot-luck on April 4, Aquabear Live at ARTS/West on April 9 and!!!

27 DIRT CHEAP MONEY DANCES is about...Money.

ARTS/West welcomes back the Lubberland National Dance Company to present 27 Dirt Cheap Money Dances for one Night Only: Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 7:00 PM!

Following the enthusiasm for The Bread and Puppet Theater's 7 Election Campaign Celebration Dances in September, 2008, ARTS/West once again opens their doors to Peter Schumann’s landmark performance project, The Lubberland National Dance Company.

Money pretends to be everybody’s good uncle but clearly is neither uncle nor good. It lures junior citizens into its university and then grinds them up in its wage slavery mill. You give it a finger and it grabs you, body and soul, until you flee to Lubberland and fight it with all the available garbage weaponry of the money civilization.

In these dances, the money-deficient dancers of Lubberland will employ Karl Marx to put the dirt-cheap aspects of money into timely perspective.

Working on the theory that “more is more,” the Lubberlanders invite volunteer performers to join them in the performances. Rehearsal and performance schedule TBA.

Why a “Lubberland National Dance Company?”

Four years ago Peter Schumann, the director of Bread & Puppet Theater, decided to return to his roots in dance. Brushing aside the aesthetics connected to modern dance and classical ballet, Peter Schumann claims: “You don't need it, this is not dance. Dance is something much more original and directly related to your everyday humdrum than what you think."

Schumann began working with a group of community volunteers he called the Lubberland National Dance Company. Since then he's made at least one new Lubberland program each season.

The Lubberland National Dance Company is an itinerant dance company that specializes in problem-solving dances, victory dances for victories and collateral damage dances for victims. The repertory also includes wedding dances for normally hostile populations and their rulers, national funeral dances in response to the most recent wars of Lubberland and total peace and harmony dances with no meaning whatsoever.

Join your fellow Lubberlanders April 26, 2009 at ARTS/West at 1:30 PM to rehearse and explore, and perform Sunday evening at 7:00 PM for your community.

For more information on the Lubberland National Dance Company please contact: Maura Gahan, lubberland@riseup.net, (802) 525-3031, (802) 525-4145, 753 Heights Rd. Glover, VT, 05839

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