Friday, February 13, 2009

From Shakespeare to Star Wars

Come out this afternoon to see the Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged at 3:30 PM today, Friday. Aimed towards area High School and Middle School students, The Complete Works of William
Shakespeare: Abridged, presented on February 13th, aims to introduce students with the work of
bard in a fun comedic show.

AND THEN!!!!!!

Athens man to display his Star Wars collection

Messenger staff writer
Published: Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:02 AM EST
An avid Star Wars fan is finally getting the chance to let his Wookiees stretch their legs this weekend.

Zach Fuller of Athens grew up in the ’80s with a fascination for the blockbuster science fiction trilogy and has been collecting memorabilia his entire life. Now 27, Fuller is ready to pull his collectibles out of the closet and put them on display for other fans to enjoy.

On Valentine’s Day at 6 p.m., Fuller will host an open display of his collection at ARTS/West to prove that there is no true love like the one between a man and his Star Wars toys.
Fuller said he has no idea how many pieces there are in his collection because everything is stored in one room in his home. He said he will have a better idea of what he has once he gets it on display at ARTS/West, 132 W. State St.

“I’d eventually like to have everything in cases and in dioramas,” said Fuller. “Right now, it’s just going to be my collection sprawled out for people to see.”

Fuller said all the Star Wars movies have their moments, but his favorite chapter is “The Empire Strikes Back,” which came out a year before he was born.

“I think that’s the movie that most Star Wars fans would say is their favorite,” he said. “But in the new ones, the light saber fights are pretty impressive.”

According to Fuller, he was attracted to the fantasy and excitement of the movies growing up.

“My mom got a lot of Star Wars action figures for me at a yard sale when I was a kid,” said Fuller. He said he was ecstatic with the gifts.

Some of Fuller’s collection dates back to before his time, including an R2D2 remote control robot, which hit the market in the 1970s.

Fuller said he knows there’s a decent Star Wars fan base in the Athens area, but he still gets made fun of by his friends for his obsession. He is hoping to connect with some other fanatics over the weekend.

Although Fuller is not officially part of ARTS/West, he said he found the facility to be a friendly venue to display his collection.

“It’s exciting to have a member of the community to see us as a facility to showcase his collection,” said ARTS/West Program Specialist Emily Prince. “There’s such a broad definition of art.”

Fuller said he would eventually like to have his collection on permanent display.

“There’s a place called Graceland Too that’s just a guy’s huge Elvis collection,” said Fuller. “I’d eventually like to do something like that.”

Fuller said he is hoping to have someone create some video loops for the show on Saturday. A potluck dinner will also be held during the event.

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