Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get in on the Ground Floor!

Dear Friends,

A huge Thank You to everyone who has donated to the "Get In On the Ground Floor" Campaign so far! We are up to 9% of our fundraising goal, and we are truly amazed at the enthusiasm the Athens community is showing for this campaign!

"Wait, what's this campaign they speak of?" Haven't heard of our latest endeavor? Well, let me tell you all about it!

ARTS/West has been growing in leaps and bounds since we opened in 2005 - it's been an amazing ride so far, and we are thrilled to now be serving more than 21,000 community members each and every year! But that kind of traffic takes a toll on a floor - especially a floor covered in an old, worn-out and stained carpet (anyone who has used our basement level can attest to that).

So, Emily and Tammy (with the help of some ARTS/West friends) cooked up a solution that will give us a clean, comfy floor surface that is environmentally-friendly AND kid-tough - Cork Flooring!

Cork is:
Shock-Absorbing! Sound-Absorbing! Warm to the touch! Saves on Energy Bills! Fire-Retardant! Anti-Microbial! Beautiful AND Tough! And, most importantly, Renewably-Sourced!! It would be a dream come true to install fresh, clean, beautiful cork flooring in the main lobby and every lower-level classroom of ARTS/West!

But, we need YOUR help to make it happen - so we've launched the "Get In On The Ground Floor" campaign to raise funds. $5.00 covers purchase and installation of one (1) square foot of new cork flooring. Give $25, get ARTS/West 5 square feet! Give $100, and you'll help us install 20 square feet!

So, if you'd love to see ARTS/West with a clean, durable, safe and beautiful floor on our basement level that will last for years, give us a call at 740-592-4315, or email Emily at eprince@ci.athens.us to make a donation today! All gift levels are welcome and gratefully accepted - every little bit helps!

Thank you to those who have already given, and thank you to anyone still considering making a gift - your support is truly appreciated, and ATS/West is thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Emily, Tammy, and the ARTS/West community

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