Sunday, August 31, 2008

Humble Play Fundraiser

Please note that these films contain adult themes and may not be appropriate for young viewers.

Friday, August 29, 2008

What's going on, a lot

There is so much going on now that I'm going to have to have Tammy grammar check this after I've posted it. (just ended that sentence in a preposition-) We're all running around like the white rabbit- we're late, we're late.

We are having our 3rd ever volunteer clean-up day tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 30 starting at 9:00am. Should be buckets of fun! I want the whole place smelling like a Carolina pine forest! Really we just need a good scrubbing and some paint-touch ups, some organization and some weeding. If any of those things appeal to you come on out, even if they don't we really do need your help! Come on! I've bribed the teenagers with pizza, you know how the teenagers like the pizza. What is it going to take? Do you have bad karma? Volunteering is good for that.
(Is that enough begging?) Don't you want to have nice things? (is that enough shaming?)

Fall registration is open for classes- you must register in advance or I won't know your coming and I will cancel the class and then you'll be sad and be feeling badly when you show up. We have a lot of writing options this quarter and a lot of options for adults. You can call ARTS/West or the Community Center to sign up unless an instructor with separate contact information has been listed.

Applications are still being excepted for the Humble Play Youth Division- contact our office for more info on that. If you can't make the September 1st deadline- just let me know. We also have scholarships available for the submission fee.

Applications are also being excepted for the ART/Oberfest. Check out their blog at

At long last- here's what's coming up:

September 8, 7:00 PM. Humble Play Benefit (we will be accepting donations prominently) featuring the films of Brian Wiebe whose film Cancer Treatment, has been selected to be part of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market. Ohio University Honors Tutorial College alumnus, Brian Wiebe inaugurated his channel on The channel features some of Brian's short films. To visit his channel,


September 19, 8:00 PM -Aquabear Live @ ARTS/West with Casual Future and Flotation Walls from Columbus (and more!) $3

September 20, 6:00 PM - SEPTEMBERFolk! A Benefit Celebrating ARTS/West and Village Productions. Featuring acoustic music from a variety of local musicians. Food and refreshments! Plus, a silent auction! Tickets are a suggested donation of $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

September 21, 8:00 PM The Bread and Puppet Theater presents 7 Election Campaign Celebration Dances by the Lubberland National Dance Company. Ticket price TBA

September 29- October 4, 2008 Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival New plays from the Appalachian region

The Humble Play is a festival of sit-down readings of new plays. The first step in the process of new play creation. Each of the readings is produced by a local theater group. Audience members are invited to stay after each reading, meet the playwrights and actors and offer responses to the play.

9.29 - Public Playwriting workshop and opening reception at 7pm

9.30 - Actors Moveable Theater presents Laying Off by James McLindon at 7pm

10.1 - Athenian Players Theatre presents Coal Creek by Walter Thinnes at 7pm

10.2 - Corporation for the Performing Arts presents The Fourth Indian by Lynn Veach Sadler at 7pm

10.3 - Lost Flamingo Company presents Strike! by Reyshan Parker at 7pm

10.4 - Youth Division readings at 1pm

10.4 - Appalachian Regional Theater Company presents The Pick of the Festival Dignity by Celeste Parsons and closing reception at 7pm

This project is supported in part by the Ohio River Border Initiative, a joint project of the Ohio Arts Council and the West Virginia Commission on the Arts


Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival applications for Youth are available in the ARTS/West office or can be downloaded from

Although the date to submit is listed as Sept. 1 we will be able to take plays later in Sept. if we are notified that you intend to submit. This festival really is a lot of fun for the kids to be involved in and a memorable experience for everyone. All they need to do is write the play (which can be very short) and we'll help them with putting it on stage to be read. It is very easy to do so please let kids know that there are no worries involved in being a playwright in our festival. If your kids have no interest in being a playwright this year we hope your family will be interested in joining us for the festival which takes place at ARTS/West Sept. 29 - Oct. 4.

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Lawrence via email: or phone 740/594-1158.

Thanks so much,

Kelly Lawrence, Humble Play Project Director


October 17-19- ART/Oberfest- Community celebration of the visual, performing and culinary arts. ART/oberfest will feature live and recorded music, visual art, crafts, performance art, spoken word and other entertainers. This event is open to everyone!


Last Sunday of every month:Experimental-improv music workshops at pot luck dinner. 6:00 PM-9:00 PM

Third Saturday Jan.-May 12:00 PM-1:00 PM Front and Center- Music program and open stage for kids




The mission of ARTS/West is to make facilities, resources, and opportunities available to arts organizations, individual artists, and community residents. ARTS/West harnesses community focus for all individuals engaged in the creation, performance and exhibition of the arts and promotes activities preserving the beauty, heritage and culture of our town

The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this organization with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Clean up day!!

The Aquabear record exchange =ed a lot of fun. Thanks to all the new people who cane out, it was lovely to see you. We are sad to be loosing our summer work-study and interns. Get your resumes ready for fall!! Volunteers and interns are always welcome.

Clean-up day is this Saturday, August 30th at 9:00am.

Here is what I have planned:
- Clean-out and organize the shed. (I suspect there is a lot more room in there).
- bring your power tools- there are some platforms that can be taken apart for better storage.

- Clean-out and organize room 8. (I suspect there is a lot more room in there).

- Wipe down and clean EVERYTHING. (We only get janitors twice a week- and they are awesome, by the way, just not super human.

- Take all of the recycling to Chancey.
- We will need a truck or large van for that little project.

- Paint touch-ups

- Paint the lobby (If we can score some paint. I don't want to be a begging chooser but if anyone has about 5
gallons of some sweet light golden-rod and a gallon of apple green I wouldn't complain).

See you Saturday!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aquabear Legion Holds First Ever Record Swap

Athens-based music and art collective Aquabear Legion is having our first ever Record Swap on Sunday, August 24th in the basement of ARTS/West from 1pm-6pm. There will be local merchants and bands selling and swapping their LP’s, CD’s, tapes, 45’s, and more. Admission is free, with donations encouraged.

If you still have enough rock and roll left in you after Saturday’s Athens Community Music Festival spend your Sunday afternoon with the Aquabear Legion and pick up some new music. For five hours on Sunday, ARTS/West basement will turn into a music flea market with records, CD’s, tapes, instruments, local music and more from area music fans and local bands. Records will be playing all afternoon, and you can feel free to bring some food to share.

There are still tables left if you are interested in selling some music, you can set up for a fee of only $10. Table fees and donations will support Aquabear Legion and ARTS/West. If you are interested in setting up a table, please e-mail

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Cleanup Time

Come to the aquabear record exchange on Aug. 24!! Come back for Clean-up day!!

We also have some super-colossal-exciting September updates that I can't tell you about now but rest assured you will be over the moon about what we have coming up!!

It's Cleanup Time

at ARTS/West!

ARTS/West needs your help to get ready for our

exciting 4th season of performing arts produced by and for the Athens community!

Join us for a
Volunteer Cleanup Day on August 30th at 9:00 AM to help us clean house and prepare our space for another great year of performances!

Priorities for the 2008 Cleanup Day:
Scrub and Paint Room 1 (Downstairs) – our new Wheelchair Accessible Entrance!
Haul our recycling to the recycling center
– let's get green at ARTS/West!
Clean out storage units and taking unused or

unneeded items to ReUse Industries!
*Brighten up the space for a new season of fun and


Please call or email Emily Prince if you would like to help us spruce up the place on August 30, 2008: 740-592-4315 or

Please note: If you have a truck, van, or station wagon we can use to

haul recycling, please let us know!

ARTS/West is here to serve the community, and we are so grateful for your help and support.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aquabear Live at ARTS/West

And the,

In addition, I am "out of the office" for the rest of this week. Young Ray is holding down the fort. Don't get mad if I don't call you back right away, ok. Thank you, I supper appreciate it.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


We're getting ready for the dog days now. APE Center performing art camp wraps up today with a presentation at 3pm. The kids have been working hard all week and have 3 original scripts to present to parents, guardians and friends. Big thank you to Matt Gallagher, John Halley and the Athens Messenger for the terrific story in today's addition of the paper.

We are so excited to be in our 4th season of providing facilities and resources to performing artists and performing arts groups in the Athens area. We see the expansion of tried and true programs like the Ohio Valley Summer Theater and the new groups like the APE Center! What fun we've all been having!

Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival is coming along. The Ohio Valley Summer Theater has very generously donated us lobby space at Kantner hall to sell cookies during the intermission of "The Secret Garden." You can see us their tonight and tomorrow afternoon with delicious home-made cookies to sell. 7 plays have made it to the 2nd round of judging and the results will be announced later this month. The following theaters will be presenting plays this year and they include: The Athenian Players Theater, The Actors' Moveable Theater, the Lost Flamingo Company, The Corporation for the Performing Arts and Appalachian Regional Theater Company who will be presenting this year's "Pick of the Festival." Humble Play will be Sept. 29-Oct. 4. Come on out to see some new plays!

The ART/Oberfest committee is preparing for this year's ART/Oberfest and they have a blog: and will be expanding the festival this year into 3 days of celebrating the performing, visual and culinary arts. This year the Aquabear Legion will be providing a free concert on Friday, October 17. The festival runs from Oct.17-19 and is free and open to the public. All of the performing, visual and culinary arts will still be you neighbors and friends because we love to show off our local talent.