Saturday, June 07, 2008

Baby, it's hot out there

If you are coming to Bat Boy: The Musical tonight 6/7, at 7pm, (and I really think you should!) dress lightly-it's hot. I'm sorry it is so freakishly hot outside and in the words of Scotty "She [the AC] can't take much more of this!" Now, I'll have to go and watch my Star Trek DVDs to see if Scotty ever actually said that but if he didn't, he would now. I'm not gonna lie to you, even I don't need a sweater in there.

Seriously, we are doing all we can. All the air conditioning units were serviced on Friday and are in as good of working order as they can be. We had a condensation problem on Friday night that should be taken care of today. We have Azaguno day of dance ( all day today- Saturday and Lost Flamingo's Bat Boy tonight. Think of it as an Amazonian adventure without the snakes. And bring a personal Church fan.

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