Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Appalachian Green Parks Project at ARTS/West

The first performance of the Appalachian Green Parks Project in over 30 years is nearly upon us.
This Thursday evening, March 29, at ARTS/West bringsthe Gala Kick-off of the 2007 OVST (Ohio Valley Summer Theater) Summer Season.

The performers for this evening include original Green Parks members: Bruce and Gay (Gehres) Dalzell, Bill Mullins, Charlie and Celia, plus Bob & Connie (House) Winters who were, and still are,major creative forces behind this entire project from way back in 1973 to the present day.

Featured guests include Jerry Rockwell, a wizard on the Appalachian/Mountain Dulcimer, Bill Mullins, multi-instrumentalist parexcellence, as well as Jim Prouty & Terry Douds, both former membersof the "Frogwhompers" and "A Touch of Grass." We are also privilegedto feature some offspring of the aforementioned folks!

The Gala Season Kickoff - Thursday, March 29. tickets are $20 each, as this is afundraiser, and the higher cost includes a reception featuring local wines and finger foods starting at 6:30 p.m. This gives you a chance to mingle and talk with members of the troupe as well as OVST Board Members. Heck, you will even be able to pick up a season subscriptionto all the shows going on at OVST this year. Then, the concert begins at 8:00 p.m.

Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31, 8:00 p.m.: The eveningconcert continues into the weekend -- tickets are $10 each. Sunday, April 1, 3:00 p.m.: Matinee performance, family friendly. Each $10 ticket entitles the bearer to one free child admission.There will be puppets and singing games along with some of the pieces from the evening concerts. Should you decide you'd like to attend, please visit www.ovst.org

The Appalachian Green Parks Project visited many, many locations in Southeastern Ohio and throughout the state during our country's Bicentennial, and those who saw the group then may want to have this opportunity to see it again. We have heard from several folks already who remember bringing their children to a show in the1970's! We hope we'll meet those children and their children thistime around. Looking forward to seeing you -Charlie & Celia

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great spring break, if you get one!

If you call during the semi-regular office hours (M-F 1-4) please leave your name and number! Possible reasons why Emily doesn't answer the phone: in the bathroom (yes, it's true), updating the chalk board, having a meeting right here at my desk, doing the dishes, fetching the mail, worked until 11 or midnight the day before, don't have part time help, etc. ... So, I am not ignoring you and I do my very best to call everyone back, I really do, especially if I know who it is who called. I was also out today recording our monthly radio show on "Conversations from Studio B" air time: Sunday, March 18 at 12:30 on 1340 AM. You can also listen on line at: http://www.woub.org/radio/studiob.html

You don't want to miss the Upcoming at ARTS/West: March 24: 5-11 pm The Aquabear Legion presents Athens County Fair 2007. Music starts at 5pm! With: Self Destruct Button, Men of Gentle Birth, Casual Future, State of Ohio, The X Bolex, Silo Circuit, BlkTygr, Lola Indiana, Coshocton, and Weedghost. http://www.myspace.com/aquabearlegioncountyfair2007

March 25: 6-9pm Dinner of Swords presents NOISE SHOW WORKSHOP and pot luck dinner. $2. Check out www.myspace.com/artwestnoiseshow

March 29 Gala Opening at 6:30 & March 30-31 at 8 pm & April 1 at 3 pm The Ohio Valley Summer Theater presents the return of the Appalachian Green Parks Project. Tickets are: $20 for gala, $10 for all other performance. 1 child admitted free with paying adult on matinee April 1st. For tickets and more information go to

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

HUMBLE PLAY: Appalachian new play festival

ARTS/West announces applications for HUMBLE PLAY: Appalachian new play festival

2nd Annual HUMBLE PLAY: APPALACHIAN NEW PLAY FESTIVAL this coming October 1-7, 2007
We are pleased to invite submissions from adventurous playwrights, directors, and theater companies.

PARTICIPATION: We are seeking plays that will highlight the work and the playwrights, actors and directors of Appalachia generally and Southeastern Ohio specifically. Plays will be rated on the some of the following criteria: Does the playwright use language well? Is the dialogue believable within the world the playwright has created? Does the work tell a story? Is the story clearly told? Is the story accessible to an Appalachian audience? Does it involve human values, morals, and ideas with which we can identify, whether we agree with them or not? There are three categories this year including: “Playwright”, “Company”, and “Youth Division.” Each division has a separate application and application fee.

A script committee will review each play submitted. Be concise and clear in your application; the committee is interested in your evaluation of the play you’ve submitted, which is where you will impress.

APPLICATIONS: Applications will be accepted from March 19 to July 2, 2007

All applications must be postmarked on or before July 2, 2007. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS
You may not submit more than two projects and each project must be submitted as a separate application.

Applications will be available at the ARTS/West office and by requesting one via email at

The mission of ARTS/West is to make facilities, resources, and opportunities available to artists, community children and area residents. The facility is a centralized, cultural hub situated in an evolving Arts District on the west side of Athens, ARTS/West harnesses community focus for all individuals engaged in the creation, performance and exhibition of the arts and promotes activities preserving the beauty, heritage and regional flavour of our town

Monday, March 12, 2007

Appalachian Green Parks Project (AGPP)

Here is a message from our OVST friends, Charlie and Celia Lewis..

Now that spring is springing, there is a lot of activity surrounding the return of the Appalachian Green Parks Project (AGPP). In this project singers, actors and instrumentalists embodied the spirit of Appalachian culture through songs, stories, folk dancing, and puppetry. The project toured the State of Ohio via the Parks system, and travelled to Washington, D.C. during the mid-1970's. More history later…

We have been fortunate to locate materials that have until now been stored away in various locations, including attics, bedrooms, and studios. We were offered access to a cache of photos, tapes, posters, literature and newspaper clippings by the Ohio University Alden Library Archives, where they have been kept in storage for some years. Also, the Mills James Studio in Columbus was able to lend us session tapes from which Charlie will glean previously unpublished recordings from the same sessions during which the AGPP Record Album was created. There are plans to release the AGPP Album on CD to make available at the performances. As there is a bit more room on a CD than there was on vinyl, some of those takes may be included as "bonus" material -with permission of the performers, of course!

Excitement mounts as we contact each original member of the incarnations of the project. There is still a short list of folks for whom we have no contact information. Please let us know if you are, or if you are in touch with, someone who had anything to do with the project during these years: 1973 through 1976. Did you see a performance? Were you volunteering in an Ohio State Park or at the State Fair one year when the project was there? Do you have any photos or audio materials or memorabilia from a performance? We would love for everyone who touched the project to have the opportunity to re-connect with others who did. It was a lovely, compelling, and vibrant moment in time, and we're not sure we'll ever be able to present this opportunity again.

Email: Charlie@charlieandcelia.com

Snail: P.O. Box 25, Guysville, Ohio 45735-0025

Phone: 740-662-9928

Thank you, and please consider joining us either at the end of March (a weekend of concerts and presentations), or at least one day during the week of June 29 -- July 7, to witness this historic re-enactment of the Appalachian Green Parks Project.

Following is the current schedule of events:

Thursday, March 29, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
Gala Evening gathering:
7:00 p.m. - hors d'ouevres
8:00 p.m. -- Musical performances by a several local friends and former members of the project

Friday, March 30, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
8:00 p.m. - Evening Concert

Saturday, March 31, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
8:00 p.m. - Evening Concert

Sunday, April 1, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
2:00 p.m. - Family concert, including puppet shows, dancing, etc.

On each date from June 29 through July 7 there will be an afternoon and/or evening performance, featuring original members of the project. Most of these folks will arrive from out of town, and they found the summer dates easier to negotiate than those at the end of March. We will continue to update the schedule as plans form.

Keep an eye on our site for information as it becomes released. Charlie is posting photographs and soundbytes from the newly discovered memorabilia stacks. Very shortly there will be a website devoted to these events, but until that time, our website will serve the purpose.

Contact us with any questions, ideas, contact information andmaterials!

Thank you -Charlie & Celia Lewis

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Angels and Wings

Hey, welcome, my Leadership Athens friends. I will know if you have viewed this blog!

Hey, welcome, everyone else! What is going on at ARTS/West? you say. Well, here is something: The Studio For Young Actors closed "The Snow Queen" on Sunday and they will be holding auditions for "Annie Jr." next week. Be sure and go to their website for more info.

Terry Fortkamp has added some more art classes and you can contact her at (740) 664-2330 to register and to find out more.

Laura Nadeau's Music Together ® will continue and you can find out more at www.musictogetherinathens.com.

If that is not enough for you, we are busy in our final techs and rehearsals for "Angels and Wings" Artists in Communities presentation March 9-10 at 8:00 pm and March 10 at 2:00 pm. ARTS/West is pleased to partner with dancer and choreographer Missy Whaley in the culmination of the Angels and Wings project.

Angels and Wings, a community project has been exploring close to death experiences with oral histories, soup suppers, workshops and video work, all leading to a multi-media dance theatre piece to be held on March 9th and 10th. All performances are at ARTS/West 132 West State Street, Athens, Ohio.

Angels and Wings will feature eight dancers, ages 16-through mid-fifties who have worked with Missy to choreograph a piece that captures the powerful stories and emotions that have emerged through the project during the past six months. Individuals who attended workshops and soup suppers were invited to share personal stories. Graceful “natural” deaths, tragic deaths, violent deaths, suicide, near death experiences and all of the confusion, peacefulness, fear and joy that these very human events create are woven into a theatre piece that celebrates our need to understand the inevitable—the loss of loved ones and our own ending.

For Missy Whaley, owner of the dance company, MinDCollision, it is important to include the community in creating and sharing dance and art. “Professional dancers are part of the mix, and they contribute amazing talent,” she notes, “but including community members who bring the passion of their personal stories is what makes the work powerful.” The piece is a perfect fit for ARTS/West, Athens city’s Community Performing Arts facility that promotes community-based art. Above all, the work of Angels and Wings has been to understand that death, like life, takes place in community.

The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. Angels and Wings has additionally been financially supported by the Athens Foundation. Digital video equipment was generously provided by the Athens County Library.

As always, if you would like further information on the rental of our facility please call 740/592-4315. You know I don't always answer the phone, and you know I would if I wasn't so busy coordinating all of these super cool events!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Athens County Experts Day

These activities will take place at the Athens Community Center on East State Street, Friday, March 2, 2007

9:00-10:00 Darren Cohen, ILGARD, Use of a Geographic Information System for theAthens County Plan

10:00-11:00 Katherine Eckstrand, Ohio Arts Council, Arts and Planning

Adam Voris, ADR Engineering, Decentralized Sewer Systems

11:00-12:00 Michelle Greenfield, Solar and Wind Power in Athens County

John Winnenberg, Appalachian Culture and Planning

12:00-1:00 Rob Kagler, McKenna Associates, County Comprehensive Plan Experiences in Ashtabula and
Tuscarawas Counties

1:00-2:00 Jeff Darbee, Benjamin D. Rickey and Company, Heritage and Planning

Dave Swanson, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Forestry issues in Athens

2:00-3:00 John O’Meara, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association, Parks and Park Districts

3:00-4:00 Jill Clark, Center for Farmland Policy Innovation, Ohio State University, Farmland