Friday, October 13, 2017

Herbs for Digestive Health

Thursday October 19th from 6 - 8pm 

Come learn about herbs you can use to relieve acute and long-term gut problems.

Many of us are affected by occasional or chronic digestive issues- from simple indigestion, to heartburn and bloating, to IBS. In this class we will learn some basics of how the digestive system works. We will cover some common gut problems and many herbs you can use to improve gut health and feel better! 

We will be talking about herbs that can help with: 
●Acid reflux, heartburn 
● Pain, cramping 
●Constipation, diarrhea  
●Food sensitivities 
●Gallbladder issues 
●Gastritis, ulcers, and more 

$20-30 sliding scale. Cash or check only, please.

Register at:

or by calling 740-274-9494
*Coming up in November - Herbs for Respiratory Health*