Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cat's Pajamas Clothing Exchange 2017

The Cat’s Pajamas Clothing Exchange is a biannual fundraiser for ARTS/West, a non-profit arts organization. During the exchange days, March 30th– April 1st, a massive amount of clothing will be available in the ARTS/West performance space.  Those who donate clothing early will receive a “golden ticket” that allows unlimited clothing items. If clothing is brought on the days of the exchange, patrons will get a “regular” ticket, which lets patrons take as many items as they brought, additional items $1. Thursday, March 30th is ARTS/West Member night, and will be open to all ARTS/West members, and has a $15 entry fee. Membership to ARTS/West starts at $20 for students or $30 for community members for a full year membership. Entry to the exchange is $15 on Friday, March 31st, & $10 on April 1st. Once entry is paid, return entry is free the rest of the weekend. (Entry is only paid once.) Admission is free for children 12 & under! 

Exchange hours are 6-8pm on Thursday, March 30th for Members' night, 5-8pm on Friday, March 31st and 10am-6pm on Saturday, April 1st. 

Continuing through Thursday, March 30th, 2017 bring unwanted clothing items to ARTS/West during open hours (Monday – Thursday 10am – 8pm). Please call ARTS/West at 740-592-4315 to arrange a time outside of regular business hours. Those who donate early will receive a “golden ticket” for unlimited items during the March 30th-April 1st event days.