Thursday, October 27, 2016

Watercolors by Pam Callahan, Jean Beard & Lisa Schorr


Pam Callahan
Painting continuously amazes me. I sit on the tip of the iceberg. The view is dramatic and breathtaking. Art lies abundantly beneath and possibilities are endless.
Great painting friends, Lisa and Jean, are explorers with me.

Apples from Pam Callahan

Lisa Schorr
Watercolor is such a natural part of my life, while it’s a medium that may never be in my total control, I am sure this is the ongoing intrigue that keeps my interest and attention. I find watercolor to be an intrinsic medium to express nature and animals.

Adding the simplistic quality of ink along with watercolors, I introduced my Rainy Day Series which took my art on a new path and today the Rainy Day Series continues to evolve.

My latest series is “Dogs in Party Hats”. Painted in acrylics, they are lively, bring, textured and guaranteed to make you smile. Much Inspiration for this series has been from my two Airedales.

I teach watercolor at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio in Lancaster Ohio and I offer private lessons in my home studio.

School bus from Lisa Schorr

Jean Beard
There is no deeper, hidden meaning in my artwork. It merely reflects what I see, what I like, what I want to learn with each piece.

I never thought of myself as an artist. I took art classes in school because they were required; my grades proved that I was diligent, or maybe just acquiescent. I have no work from my school days that I wanted to keep. Art was not important.

As an adult, I found myself among artistic people, beginning with my husband, a wood turner; and my sister, a jeweler, weaver, painter and multi-media artist. When the workaday world no longer controlled my time, we ran an artisan’s market in our small town in Ohio, and through that I met many creative, inspiring people who work in a variety of media. Feeling an urge to create more than a good meal, a welcoming home, and responsible children, I looked around and found my mentor, Lisa Schorr, at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio. Through her classes I met Pam Callahan. Together they fostered my fledgling interest into a passion, for which I am forever grateful.

The work you see here is the result of my relationship with these two wonderful women, who asked me to join them to create “We Three”.

Pumpkin Image from Jean Beard