Thursday, December 04, 2014

December Art Opening Featuring Aaron Smith

Untitled 4, Athens Alley Series by Aaron Smith

Each month a new exhibit is on display in the ARTS/West gallery space and features either an individual artist or a group show. The month of December is dedicated to the works of Aaron Smith. The opening for each exhibit is a FREE event, with refreshments served. 

Opening Night
Friday, December 4th

The exhibit will hang until January 5, 2015.
Artist Statement:

“My paintings are open to perceptions that exist in the subconscious mind of the viewer, while simultaneously being a direct expression of my own perceptions.

My use of traditional art mediums, oils on canvas, requires the viewer to address the space differently than photography. Though my paintings are strongly representational, the challenge and questioning of “real” is more persistent with representational painting over the perception of truth in photography. I try to coax extended attention from the viewer by creating a formal composition with no direct focal point. My even- handed treatment of the surface, plus a compositionally dynamic movement of shape and line are intended to aid in this. I have been increasing the size of my canvases in an attempt to force a physically engaging size and shape with the viewer’s body. I wish to create an environment that is semi experiential- I wish for the viewer to feel as if she can enter the space.” ~ Aaron Smith