Saturday, July 26, 2014

ARTS/West Presents a Play Reading, "Home is a Passing Feeling" by Karina Cochran

JULY 31st @ 8pm

"Home is a Passing Feeling" by Karina Cochran
When a drought hits the American homeland in a serious way, a variety of artists and community members struggle over the idea of a future in a world without water. From a famous sculptor, to a graffiti artist, to a college drop out, each has their own particular method of coping; using their talents (if not to save the world) then to at least to ease its pain.  

Karina Cochran is a tall glass of water from the Midwest. She attended Interlochen Arts Academy and graduated from Bennington College in Vermont in 2010. She is inspired by tactile art, the collective unconscious, human conflict, and the fact that everything is made of water. She started writing this play during a 37 day drought, and finished it while living on a sand dune. She has participated in Atlanta's Horizon Theatre New Playwrights Festival, and New York's Sanguine Theatre Playwright's Festival.