Monday, July 09, 2012

APE Center announces 2 more camps!

APE: Tomorrow is Today: Dance Camp for Teens
  • What: Partnering with the Athens Dance Collective and guest choreographer, Megan Payne participants learn repertoire, improve dance technique and choreograph and perform original choreography for social change!
  • Who: Open to Dancers/ Movers 12-17yo.
  • Cost: $215
  • When:  August 6th-10th 9am-4pm @ Factory Street studio
Performance August 11th 7pm

APE: Youth Voice: Performance Camp for Teens
  • What: Partnering with OU's Environmental Theatre Brigade participants practice delivery, physicality and script writing while crafting an art performance for social change.
  • Who: Open to youth 12-17yo.
  • Cost:  $185
  • When: August 6th-10th 9am-4pm @ ARTS/West
Performance August 11th 7pm
The Youth Voice/tomorrow is today camps are for students who have a developing global perspective and are capable of focused, thoughtful  engagement and creativity.

Registration forms for Youth Voice available HERE