Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man Forever this Saturday at ARTS/West

Photo borrowed from Metropulse

Dark Circles Records presents Man Forever this Saturday, June 2nd at ARTS/West.

Man Forever is the ambient percussion-based project of Kid Millions, the drummer of Oneida.

“When Kid Millions plays the drums, it’s all about stamina. He has built a career on percussive longevity, bashing away at his instrument for hours on end with fury and expert precision. For 13 years he has been the anchor of the Brooklyn band Oneida, whose songs mix hypnotic Minimalism with skull-rattling metal and tend to hit their pulsating stride only around the 15-minute mark," writes Ben Sissario of The New York Times.

Also performing will be:
Alchemelion: Chris Lee's keys-based solo project 
Dead Winds of Summer: Electronic/guitar ambient mass
a possible stripped-down performance by Valleyboys.

"Man Forever is inherently awesome because it is a non-improvised performance involving musicians that have likely never worked together, collaborating on a piece that was put together by an excellent composer, said Chris Lute. "I also think it's important to note the emphasis on texture and timbre in Man Forever over melody, and the freedom that gives the piece."
Lute plays with Valleyboys and was one of the integral players in bringing Man Forever to Athens and ARTS/West.

Come see the Brooklyn-based Man Forever and other performers at 5 p.m.

The show is free but donations will be taken and records will be available for purchase!

Make sure to join the Facebook event here.