Saturday, May 26, 2012

For our friend Steve

 Dear Friends,

I often get wrapped up in all that we're doing and all our art events and my life and my schedule and I forget about the individuals and the artists who are working so hard to put these things together.  Their passion, their creativity, and their live's blood. 
This week we lost a friend.  Steve Fetsch has been a huge part of ARTS/West and the creation of our events and our community arts.  Steve played an integral part of our first community art collaboration "Angels and Wings" directed and choreographed by Missy Whaley in 2007.   He taught videography in community workshops, documented the entire process, designed the media presentations, and was a supportive member of the team.  I was honored to meet him during the process and I was honored to thenceforward call him friend.
Steve continued to turn up here and there as director of photography of films that were screened, as a collaborator through the Athens Children's Museum, and most recently we began working on a new project, an adaptation of the film "Duck Soup."  The last time I saw his was full of 70 minutes of laughter and I'm happy to remember Steve this way.

ARTS/West is seeking donations of hand made paper but more importantly stories, poems, letters, drawings, etc. to help us celebrate the life Steve Fetsch.  A memorial service is being held on June 2 at The Dairy Barn.   We will be collecting your art, stories, letters, poems, etc. that we will display at the memorial and then bind them in a book to give to his two children.
Ideally we will have enough paper here at ARTS/West to allow people to pick up paper there and either join us at the memorial with their completed memories or drop them off here at ARTS/West.  We will also have paper available at the memorial service for people to share there.

Please feel free to email us, send us text documents, or whatever makes you comfortable.  
Please share this with whomever you feel is appropriate.  ARTS/West will be closed on Monday but we will be open Tues.-Fri. 10-4.  We currently have a limited supply of handmade paper, and are seeking more.  

Thank you,