Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring work-study position available at ARTS/West

If you are an Ohio University student interested in supporting the local arts community, apply for a work study position at ARTS/West! The position would include both administrative and event duties to create a well rounded work experience. Work-study responsibilities include creating Facebook events to promote ARTS/West events, distributing promotional posters, updating various ARTS/West databases, and assisting with events.

If you qualify for a work-study position and are interested in joining the ARTS/West team this spring, apply with Ohio University Online Services. For more information on Ohio University’s work-study qualifications, click here .

Work Study Student

Summary: Assists the Program Specialist and Events Coordinator with administrative tasks and staffing events

Reports to: Program Specialist or Events Coordinator, depending on the project

Administrative Duties:

  • Update the Weekly Schedule Whiteboard at the beginning of each week
  • Replace the monthly calendars around the building at the beginning of each month
  • Update the ARTS/West Usage Database based on Attendance numbers
  • Update the Volunteer Database at the end of each month
  • Read through recycled paper to determine what can be used for mailings and what can be used for interoffice documents
  • Print and distribute posters for events
  • Create Facebook events for events at ARTS/West
  • Any other duties as assigned

Event Duties:

  • Set up the concession area with the following items: coffee, hot water, tea, mugs, sweetener, creamer, spoons/stirrers, donation can, and any other concessions we have at the time
  • If assigned, man the concession area
  • Assist in setting up the stage if requested
  • Ensure the performance space and lobby areas are clear of trash or other debris
  • Assist in ushering
  • Assist in organizing the volunteers
  • Any other duties as assigned

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