Friday, April 06, 2012

Athens Dance Collective 4/7, 7:30

Thanks to a grant from The Puffin Foundation of Teaneck, NJ, the Athens Dance Collective and ARTS/West present the Progressive Performance Project! The culmination of dozens of hours of work in the studio, these dances, choreographed and performed by Collective members, are dances for a moratorium on fracking, dances for the 99%, dances for a world that squashes greed, dances to OCCUPY the stage, dances that take heed of the state of our environment, dances to change minds, dances with an eye on the future, dances to raise consciousness, dances of ONENESS.

Choreography, direction, and performance by Ashley Eastman, Chelsea Goettge, Darcy Shaffner, Missy Whaley, Ellie Andrews. There will also be a video dance by Kelly Schlabach. The performance will feature the additional talents of Amanda Kurtz, Elizabeth Atwell, Claire Phillips, Anne Sand, Rachel Couch, Quinn Schmalenberg, Zebulon Thobaben, Sarah Warda, and Dan Dennis. There will also be live musical accompaniment by Aaron Butler, Andrew Lampela, Chris Moore, Turner Matthews, and more.

This is a FREE performance, but $5-10 donation is recommended. Donations will be split between Athens Dance Collective and ARTS/West.

Come out and see some art!

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