Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Classes at ARTS/West

After School
Creative Endeavors Workshop will continue to offer arts based enrichment and homework help after school on weekdays from 2:30-5:30 for Athens City School students. Our program is child-centered and focuses on project based learning. We offer a wide range of artistic projects based on the student’s interests. Creative Endeavors Workshop located at ARTS/West, contact information contact Paul Kristofco: (740) 591-6432, pkristofco@gmail.com.

Belly Dancing. Open your heart, body and mind to unaccustomed rhythms and movement while empowering yourself to appreciate your body through a dance that celebrates the womanly form, no matter what size or shape.
Thursdays. Basics: 5:15pm-6:15pm, Advanced 6pm- 7:15pm. Inquiries and registration call Ellie Olin at 740-590-1896

Burmese Bando Yoga And Aerobic Workout For Women & Girls. Get in shape at your own pace and have fun in a supportive class! WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursday 5:30 to 6:45 COST: $5.00 per class or $30.00 per month. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and wear athletic shoes & comfortable clothing. All women and girls welcome!
Inquiries and registration call Cheryl at 740-594-7452

Music Together® in Athens presented by Laura Nadeau
If you are not a returning family, and are interested in the opportunity of enrolling in classes this spring or summer, please contact Laura Nadeau for more information: 740-707-9736 or register online at www.musictogetherinathens.com

Prenatal Yoga. Prenatal yoga helps mothers gain a deeper awareness of their bodies while helping to alleviate some discomforts pregnancy can bring. In class we will strengthen the lower back, pelvic floor and many other key muscles important for the journey into Motherhood. Yoga promotes circulation, better night's sleep and overall better health. This class offers a safe environment for you to share and hear about mama's journey while tapping into your innate wisdom about birth and life.
Inquiries, dates, and registration call Laura Post 740-594-YOGA

Life Drawing
Come and practice your life drawing skills in a non-instructional, informal environment. models provided.
Tuesdays 7-9pm ( except 20th march)
$10 general /$8 for ARTS/West members
For inquiries please contact Hollie Krause 740 818 6222.

Improv for Teens
The students will learn basic principles of improvisation through a wide variety of exercises and games. The importance of each participant’s unique perspective will be emphasized, and well as the importance of listening and responding to impulses. Students will work with open scenes in which minimal dialogue is provided and the actors create the circumstances of the situation. Participants in the workshop will build skills in vocal presence, public presentation, and ensemble performance. Taught by Janice Evans. Ages: 14-18 Dates: April 12-May 9 Times: 1:00-3:00 Fee: $45 A/W household members or $55. Call ARTS/West to register (740) 592-4315