Friday, December 23, 2011

Thank you and Happy Holidays

It’s amazing to think about, but this will be ARTS/West’s seventh year as Athens’ Community
Gateway to the Arts. What started as the spark of an idea from a few enthusiastic community
members has become your home for community-created, community-focused arts

At ARTS/West, we see every day how your creative ideas bring out the best in this
community. From teenagers who learn self-esteem and confidence at Rock Camp for Girls,
to senior citizens who find a new voice through Wendy McVicker’s poetry class, to kids who
find enrichment after school at Creative Endeavors Workshop: the creative spirit of this
community is unparalleled. ARTS/West is here to nurture that spirit.

In 2011 ARTS/West presented or produced:
  • 20 Music events
  • 1 Dance event
  • 435 occasions of Arts Education programs
  • 12 Theater events
  • 4 Film events
  • 4 Literary events
You can see firsthand how you make a difference for our community at ARTS/West. Keep in
mind that those numbers do not even reflect the 278 occasions of program related rental use!

We are so grateful that Athens understands the importance of the arts to a thriving

With gratitude,

Emily Prince