Monday, October 31, 2011

Women of Appalachia Project presents "Women Speak Autumn"

A celebration of female literary and performing artists

ARTS/West, 132 W. State St. is pleased to announce that on November 4, at 6 p.m. the Women of Appalachia Project will present "Women Speak, Autumn 2011!", an evening of story, poetry and song, in the ARTS/West performance space. The event is the fifth presentation of spoken artistry, presented by the WOAP, created and performed by women of all ages living in Southeast Ohio.

This fall's event highlights the work of nine writers and musicians from Athens, Meigs and Hocking counties, offering a variety of topics inspired by real life issues. Founder/curator of the project, Kari Gunter-Seymour points out that women naturally come to each other to share experiences and dreams, building strong connections and communities. "Spoken art gives the listener an immediate experience - first we react to the sounds sliding in and out and across our senses, then just as quickly, we connect with the content of the imagery the artist has chosen to share with us."

"Women Speak" encourages regional female artists to address the way in which living in this region of Appalachia has influenced their lives and therefore their art. Local teen pianist Maya Sattler, says, "My teacher, Linda Lucasik and other regional musicians and groups have greatly affected my varied taste in music, especially my interest in indie rock, folk music, and other genres with a similar lack of recognition from mainstream media. My piece was written for the joy of the music and the subversion of typical form rather than any abstruse meaning or deliberate plan."

Veteran performers Wendy McVicker and Cathy Cultice Lentes share their personal experiences of life-changing events during an Athens County flood and the tornado that hit Xenia, Ohio. Poet Joyce Richardson quips, "I am now writing a series of poems about the members of my family: saints and sinners. Uncle John is one of the sinners."

When speaking of her piece Arab Summer Rural Athens, Ohio, Ellie DeLaval Davis says, "I read of individuals in the midst of revolutions, fighting for human rights. In my own world I faced the most violent electrical storms of my life." Young mother and poet, Cathy Lee says, "I sat entranced watching remembrances on television of 9-11 on its tenth anniversary, this one man's voice echoing in my head at night. This poem is my attempt to put his voice with the whole picture, including my hope for healing."

Dancer, singer, knitter and poet, Sherri Saines says "As a victim of more than one passion, I end up using one to explain the other. Someday I will dance my love of poetry, and probably knit about singing,"

Essayist Becky Code explores, "the relationship between tears, society, and self-identity against the backdrop of the empty-nest syndrome."

The presentation is scheduled from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m, with a reception immediately following. ARTS/West is located at 132 West State Street in Athens, Ohio 45701. Call 740.592.4315 for directions or questions about the facility. Donations in support ARTS/West will be accepted at the door, but not required.

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