Monday, June 20, 2011

Calling Athens Area Performing Artists to participate in Boogie on the Bricks July 16, 2011

Athens is a town where people always feel free to express themselves, and the 2011 Boogie on the Bricks will be celebrating that creative spirit! We are seeking artists to participate in the following new events: Hey Look, It's a Piano! Street Performers, Paint a Giant Quilt Square

Feeling like sharing a little of your creative spirit with everyone during Boogie on the Bricks? In 2011, we're adding several new ways in which festival-goers can express themselves and share their talents with the crowd.

Hey Look, It's a Piano!
People are naturally drawn to a piano, especially when someone is playing! This year we're pitching a 10×10 piano tent right on Court Street and asking local players to join in the acoustic fun by sharing 15 minutes of their time playing. Individuals or small groups may perform, and limited seating will be provided under the tent. You may bring any other acoustic instrument you like, including harmonicas, guitars, violins, bongos, spoons, washboard, dulcimer, trumpet, saxophone......well, you get the picture. All ages are encouraged to participate in their 15 minutes of fame!
CLICK HERE to sign up to play

Street Performers - The Boogie Buskers
Boogie on the Bricks is looking for our first-ever cadre' of buskers! Magicians, jugglers, mimes, clowns, stilt-walkers, balloon artists, living statues, impersonators, and other fun characters who love to entertain the crowd! No fire, please.....

For more information on joining the inaugural class of the Boogie Buskers, please email us at boogieonthebricks at gmail dot com.

Paint A Giant Quilt Square
During Boogie on the Bricks, festival-goers will have a chance to paint part of a giant quilt square that will become part of the Athens County Quilt Barn Trail. The Dairy Barn Arts Center, in celebration of their biennial Quilt National Exhibition, will provide the wooden square as a blank slate, along with lots of paint. During the festival, you can paint anything you like on the square! After the festival, the outline of a traditional quilt pattern will be painted over the top of the public artwork, and and the square will be mounted in a prominent location to be announced soon!

For more information and to sign up please go to the Boogie on the Bricks website: