Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dane McCarthy Film Screening

Check out the screenings of Dane McCarthy's films The Watching and One Way Mirror this coming Sunday, May 8, 2011, at 7pm! Here's what Dane has to say about his films:

"The Watching is my fourth locally shot feature film. My purpose is to educate through entertainment. To me, the two are the same, and the best entertainment is educating. Bottom line in life; we need to learn how to be better people. And in The Watching, the main characters' lives literally depend on it. So it's about young people who unexpectedly attract the attention of powerful supernatural forces bent on "educating" them-- or else! We as the audience get to watch how they adapt to this challenge, besides dealing with the ordinary problems of ordinary people-- life, love and how they are going to make it day to day.

My short film, One Way Mirror, is a pointed political statement about what could happen to an educated intellectual--a college professor-- who finds himself handcuffed to a chair and accused of murder in a fascist police state called America. And what happens to him is not pretty! This film was recently accepted for competition screening at the Athens International Film Festival."