Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cat's Pajamas Clothing Exchange!

ARTS/West, 132 W. State St., 740/592-4315, presents the Cat's Pajamas Clothing Exchange 4/29/11, 7:00pm; 4/30-5/1, 1:00pm-6:00pm as a benefit fundraiser for ARTS/West.

Hello Cats & Kitties! The Cat's Pajamas Clothing Exchange is back for it's third year to bring you a whole new wardrobe of clothes. We've been sorting all week (and last week!) and I can tell you we have something for everyone. We're pleased to have a lot more men's clothes this year including suits for work or irony.

We have:
  • Baby clothes
  • Kids Clothes
  • Men's clothes
  • Women's clothes
  • Hipster clothes
  • DIY clothes
  • Clothes with lots of appliques
  • Clothes for all shapes and sizes- short, long, curvy, no curves, pear shaped, apple shaped, all fruit shapes!
The preview party featuring DJ Barticus and FREE AVALANCHE PIZZA will occur on Friday, April 29th from 7pm-10pm. The preview party will allow you to have first access to all of the early donations of clothing we will be receiving. The regular exchange hours are Saturday, April 30th & Sunday, May 1st from 1-6pm.

The way the exchange works is:
  • Bring any clean unwanted clothing items to ARTS/West (132 W. State) before the first day of the event & you will be able to take as many items as you like throughout the entire event!
  • If you bring clothes with you during any scheduled event hours, you can take as many items as you brought, each additional items costs $1.
  • Customers pay $5 entry during the event weekend. Once customers have paid entry they can come back as many times as they like. (you only pay entry once)
  • Proceeds benefit ARTS/West: Athens Community Gateway to the Arts.
*We will be seeking volunteer clothing sorters the week of the event, and during the event hours. All volunteers get free entry all weekend, unlimited clothing items, and have first dibs on any items they like while they sort.