Thursday, July 08, 2010

Music and Art

Kenneth Taylor Art Opening and Gallery Show

Friday, July 9 at 6:00-8:00 pm

Join us for the gallery opening featuring the work of Kenneth Taylor.
In addition to the gallery opening Kenneth Taylors' art will be on display throughout the month of July. Gallery hours are M-F 10-4 or by appointment.

Here is what Kenneth has to say about his artwork:

"Artwork is my way of telling a story. It is for the most part all that I think about. My paintings are primarily of people. People are vastly different from each other and are always changing. I strive to capture the subject's complexity as well as their personality and beauty. I isolate the subject through color, contrast and composition, thereby making the scene more intimate and insuring that there are no distractions. I am fascinated by subjects that are unaware of the observer and try to portray a feeling of observation without involvement on the part of the viewer.

I paint using powdered pigments mixed with various mediums laid down in thick transparent glazes. This method allows me to mix colors optically by hatching energetic lines of saturated color over a dark under painting.

To me a great painting is visually provocative, well drafted, and ethereally real."

Check out more on the facebook event page HERE

Aquabear Live @ ARTS/West

Saturday, July 10 at 8:00 pm

Celebrate the always wonderful summer in Athens with a sweet show at an always wonderful venue!

Aquabear continues our live at ARTS/West concert series (now in its third year!) with:

Moon High (columbus, ohio)

Whale Zombie (athens, ohio)

and maybe Weedghost

Plus, I think we will be cooking up hot dogs and veggie dogs on the patio!

Remember: No Alcohol at ARTS/West but we will have coffee and pop (donations) and the show ends early so you can head right to the bars for more music!

If you have never been to ARTS/West for an Aquabear show this will be the perfect way to start that habit.

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