Friday, July 30, 2010

Katie's Blog!

Hiya there world… Katie here! Who am I and why should you read this fabulous blog I am writing about ARTS/West? Well probably because I’m awesome and pretty entertaining but mostly because I’m an intern at ARTS/West this summer! Huzzah!

I’m not exactly sure how to start a blog so I’ll just jump right in! Since the beginning of my internship at ARTS/West in June I’ve witnessed OVST’s theater camp production of Jennifer Hickok DeFratis’s play “Fury Tails with a Twist!”, The Appalachian Progressive Education Center (APE Center) plays “The Enchanted Necklace” and “Report the Past”, Athens Premier of the film “The Other House”, and the gallery opening featuring the beautiful art work of Kenneth Taylor… and that’s not all!

Recently a lot of my time has been spent reading the 20 play submissions we received for Humble Play! That’s a lot of reading but I’ve only got 3 more left to finish! I’ve learned a lot about what to look for in a play by talking with Emily Prince. She has a lot of real world experience and her stories are very helpful! I love hearing about all the plays she has read for past jobs and the tricks they used to weed out scripts quickly. For example, if a show had a “Noooooooooooooooooo!” within the first 5 pages it was automatically thrown out! (Never fear if you’ve written a script with this included, we understand that our submissions are works in progress!)

I have also been slowly but surely organizing paperwork from past years of Humble Play! (I swear one day it will be done!) I also started reading a series of books called “Focusing the Light; The Art and Practice of Planning.” They were developed by the Ohio Arts Council with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. I have not gotten through all of the volumes, but what I have read I learned a lot from. The first volume was called “Arts Advocacy and Planning.” It was all about “an overview of the public value of the arts and arts education.”

In addition to all this, I and the other interns have had tutorials with Emily Prince on how exactly a script turns into a play on a professional level. We also discussed readings and staged readings and Not-for-Profit Theater! Let us know if you’re interested in hearing about it and maybe an up-coming blog can give you some insight!

So far I’ve had a very positive experience at ARTS/West, it is truly a collaborative work environment! I think it’s brilliant that this venue houses so many activities… there really is something for everyone in the community! I encourage anyone and everyone to pop in and visit us if you’ve never been! You’re always welcome! And don’t forget we always want to hear from you but don’t get discouraged if the phone rings and rings. Please, leave us a message (740) 592-4315, send us and email (artswestathens at gmail), stalk us on facebook (!