Friday, June 25, 2010

The Summer of Arts Administration

We’re going to try to keep a weekly bloggy update about what we’re doing—we’ll see how it goes. Sometimes the updates will be from Emily, sometimes Ashley, sometimes from our sweet volunteers, workstudy students, and interns. Give us some feedback and led us know what you think!

ARTS/West opened its doors in June of 2005! Five years has gone by pretty fast and we’ve made some stellar improvements to the facility in that time; most notably through our commitment to green operations, sustainability and energy efficiency. We have replaced the windows, boiler and air-conditioning units and installed cork flooring in the basement. We have a recycling program, print mostly on scrap paper, have real cups, plates, dishes and silverware and really frown upon bottled water.

This June we saw the high school graduation of our original Padawans, Theo Peck-Suzuki, Rheal Radwany, Robbie Lane and Rachel Weekely. They are all off to college- we wish them well and will miss them terribly. I am so sorry the smurf birthday cup got broken! And, let us never forget the time we ate pie to celebrate all of your report cards! What are Padawans you say? Well, if you are a nerd like me, they are young jedis but in the ARTS/West context they are middle to high school aged arts administration volunteers. Come fall we will be accepting applications into the Padawan program so: stay tuned.

We are currently hosting OVST’s summer theater youth camp until July 9 then A.P.E. Center moves in for their art camp on July 12. We recently did some calculations and found that ARTS/West is in use an average of 67 hours per week! For a community art center, I’d say you all are doing a really great job. How do you do it with only one full-time and one part-time employee? Volunteers, that’s how! Ashley has just completed the Volunteer Service Program Handbook which will be made available in the next couple of weeks so you can find out what you can do to get involved.

Taking it easy over the summer? Oh my no. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and I cannot wait to tell you about it over the next couple of weeks but it’s time to log-in the Humble Play submissions. Don’t forget the deadline for submitting your play is June 28! For more information please visit:

Don’t forget we always want to hear from you and don’t get discouraged if the phone rings and rings. Please, leave us a message (740) 592-4315, send us an email (artswestathens at gmail), or stalk us on facebook (!