Monday, June 14, 2010

Performing Art Day at ARTS/West

Advanced Registration is REQUIRED. Contact the ARTS/West office at 740/592-4315
Last Day to Register is June 22 by 12:00pm

presents Performing Arts Day for Community and GOBA

Purpose Statement:

Kids’ Club: is a performing arts day offered to youth aged 12-18 in Athens, OH. The activities for the Kids’ Club are: prop/backdrop making; story telling and acting techniques; and aspects of technical theater. The end result of each day is a presentation for parents, guardians, and friends. The students are given the opportunity to be: story tellers, actors, technicians, or prop masters for the presentations.

Each Kids’ Club participant is given a course in prop and costume making, acting techniques, story telling, and aspects of light and sound, as related to the story and how these aspects affect a production. All aspects are directly related to the story being told that day. Most items (except for the technical theatrical equipment) used in the presentations are found items such as-plastic bottles, cement mixing buckets, rubber bands, card board tubes, etc. donated scrap paper, donated clothes and fabrics, paints, cardboard boxes, fabric, etc. We hope that this aspect of the day will allow the children to use their imaginations and give them the accessibility to create their own stories at home.

Kids’ Club activities gave participants a chance to be creative, practice their social skills, cooperate, and use team work outside the usual school/day camp atmosphere. This camp encourages participation in the performing arts by breaking down the perception that participation in the arts in not for everyone. When you can put on a play in one afternoon using only found/recycled items—they can go home and put on their own story.

The goal of our arts learning program is to offer an affordable, broad-based approach to performing arts, targeting a diverse group of our regional young people. A facility where students will have the opportunity to put together their own performance while learning how various portions of the arts can work together in support of a common goal, in this case a performance. Through these programs we hope to foster life long participation in the arts.

WHEN: Thursday, June 24, 2010. 1-5 p.m.,

WHERE: ARTS/West, 132 W. State St., Athens Ohio

WHO: Children ages 12-18.

Cost $5.00