Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day Art Opening

Saint Patrick's Day Art Opening. March 17, 2010 from 6:00-9:00pm.

Join us for an opening of the work of Erica Entrop, light snacks, music and art!

Artist's Statement

The work that I create is inspired by the subconscious and the separation of the dream-state and waking life. I have always had very vivid complicated dreams and I have become fascinated by the ability of my mind to remember the real moments of my life as well as it could the dreams that I have had. If ever there were a time in which I had to divide what might have been real in childhood from what was simply a very intense dream I probably would not be able to differentiate.

Whenever I begin a piece I try to work purely from memories that have the vague quality of potentially being a dream. Not allowing for any planning or decided elements I feel that it becomes a description of my current state, but using only memories through which my associations have been made. This is what the work would reflect to me, but I do not make it just to explain things to myself. I hope that the viewer is able to understand what signifiers are being used and a meaning that has nothing to do with what I feel for the work and more of what it can say independent of myself.

The material is dictated by whatever is one hand. I make it a point to keep a large variety of tools in order to maintain the flow of consciousness, which my work is based upon. The freedom in form and organization allow for the joy of mark making to be evident through my body of work. The combination of graphic imagery and the abstract is done in an attempt to evoke both the comfort of familiarity and the disconcerting effect of the abnormal.

This Saint Patty's Day Art opening should be quite a treat.

There will be food, drinks and live music and maybe even some artwork.

Improv Music provided by Andrew Lampela, Brian Koshco, Lowell Jacobs, Todd Jacobs, Sherri Oliver, Dan and Emily Prince. There might be jigs!

Erica's artwork will be on display in ARTS/West through the end of March M-F 10-4 or by appointment.