Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bread and Puppet Coming to ATHENS!

Calling all: Artists, Students, Parents, Cooks, Truck Drivers, Scientists, Bricklayers, Farmers, Grandparents, Bikers, Dancers, Shopkeepers, Attorneys, Musicians, Teachers, & Lubberlanders.

Bread and Puppet is rolling in to Athens September 27th with a brand new show, "13 Dirt Floor Cathedral Dances" performed by the Lubberland National Dance Company. We're looking for 10-50 volunteers to officially become the Lubberland's National Dancers. Volunteers learn the entire show in an afternoon, have dinner, and end with an evening performance for the public.
Contact Maura Gahan: lubberland at riseup.net.

The show is learned and performed in one day. Volunteers must be available for the entire rehearsal and show. Volunteer dancers and musicians should bring:
-comfortable clothing to rehears in
-white clothing for the show (pants and long sleeve white shirts, no logos)
-musical instruments
-attitudes ready to have an intense, good time!

1-2pm: Load-in, Set-up
2-6pm: Rehearsal with Volunteers
6-6:30pm: Dinner Break
8-9pm: Strike, Load-Out