Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And, Humble Play

My word, fall has not moseyed in... she never does. We have A LOT going on and it is all thanks to our vibrant community!

Starting this Sunday, September 27th we have the return of the Bread and Puppet theater's Lubberland National Dance company-- see earlier post or check out our facebook event.

Monday brings the annual Humble Play: Appalachian New Play Festival! Full schedule can also be found on the Humble Play myspace.

Festival Awards:

9/29, ARTS/West Pick
Romeo and Juliet; there Hasn't Been a Rap Song Yet! by Rheal Radwany (Athens, Ohio) Direction by: The Lost Flamingo Company

9/30, Producer's Choice
A Case Is Never Closed by Jay Boyer (Tempe, AZ)
Direction by: Actor's Moveable Theater

10/ 1, Humble Pick
Touch by Drew Larimore (Brooklyn, NY)
Direction by: The Corporation for the Performing Arts

10/2, Appalachian Choice
An Elegant Solution by Celeste Parsons (Athens, Ohio) &
Apologia by Katharine Bolger (New York, NY)
Direction by: ABC Players

10/3, Pick Of The Festival
Japanese Schoolgirl Night and Knuckleheads by James McLindon (Northampton, MA)
Direction by: Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble