Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not quite June but what the heck

Your Lost Flamingo Company, Ohio University's only
student-theater group, presents....

Reefer Madness: The Musical

by Dan Studney & Kevin Murphy

Friday, May 29 @ 7PM
Saturday, May 30 @ 7PM
Friday, June 5 @ 7PM
Saturday, June 6 @ 2PM
$5.00 at the door

ARTS/West (132 W. State St.)
Athens, OH

Inspired by the original 1936 film of the same name, this raucous musical comedy takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to marijuana, leading them on a hysterical downward spiral filled with evil jazz music, sex and violence. You won't be able to resist the spoofy fun of REEFER MADNESS. The addictive and clever musical numbers range from big Broadway-style showstoppers to swing tunes like "Down at the Ol' Five and Dime" and the Vegas-style "Listen to Jesus, Jimmy," featuring J.C. Himself leading a chorus of showgirl angels. This dynamic show will go straight to your head! REEFER MADNESS is a highly stylized and satirical political commentary. It contains adult humor, religious parody, and drug use, as well as suggested violence and sexual explicitness.

Dedrick Bonner
Billy Giacci
Sara Golden
Bobby Withers
Grace Deer
Drew O'Bryan
Sierra Nagay
Nicole Serrat
Sarah Springer
Laura Ornella
Heather Keith
Natalie Chapman
Anecia Johnson
Caeleb Reisinger
Cameron Skalski
Stephen Moen
Allison Shipp
Danny Cox
Curt Sova

Directed by Nick Smrdel

Asst. Director: Katie Gucik
Music Director: Zach Ruppel
Producer: Jess Craine
Stage Manager: Leah Lyon
Choreographer: Chelsea Goettge
Costumes: Sam Little
Publicity: Laura McMullen
Set Design: Drew Lupson
Lights: Adam Pugh
Makeup: Caroline Nesbit
Asst. Choreographer: Sarah Springer
Asst. Stage Manager: Nathan Parsons
Asst. Producer: Justin James Garman