Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Would would think that I could update the blog a little more often, geeze! Sorry kids. So, here is the skinny.

The Humble Play was legendary this year. We doubled out attendance, the audience feed-back was fantastic, the plays were great, the acting was great, what can I say? I can't wait until next year! I am working on putting together a winter play reading series, if you are interested please contact me in the office and let's talk.


Friday, October 19, 2007 at 8:00 PM. Tripshicore Yoga theater! Contact Michelle Stobart at for more information. This from Michelle: You can get tickets locally at O'Betty's Hot Dogs and Blue Eagle Music. Or, you can get them on-line at my website using a credit/debit card through pay pal. They will be performing Merely Total Risk with a few new additions and some old favorites. So, if you've seen this show, come again and bring a friend or two. If you haven't, don't miss the opportunity while they are in town to see what Tripsichore is all about. Also, let all your dance and yoga friends know about it. They will be sad to miss it if they haven't already heard about it.

Again, here's what people are saying about Tripsichore:

"Tripsichore is yoga's answer to Cirque de Soleil. Fusing traditional yoga asanas with inventive choreography, their performances give audiences the sensation of participating in an extended meditation - floating through a dream world of mystical landscapes." YOGA JOURNAL

"If you do a yoga practise, you'll be enchanted by this magical production" WHAT'S ON

"The lithe bodies entwine elegantly, flipover effortlessly and balance daringly. The performers' physical control is awesome." THE STAGE

"What is special here is the presence of each performer; the sense of stillness and clarity that each exudes even when hurtling through the air." TIME OUT

Pricing for advanced purchases:
$10 - 13 and under
$15 - over 13, students with valid ID and seniors
$20 - general admission (or everyone else)

All tickets purchased at the door will be $25.00 - no exceptions. Seating is limited. If you have an desire to go, purchase your tickets right away. This show will sell out. Each year they come, it is growing in popularity.

Saturday, October 20, 2007, 12-1pm. October ‘FRONT & CENTER’ a free music event for school age kids at every third Saturday of each month (Sept.-May). October 20th special guest: harpist Patrick McGee. Second half of event is always an open stage for any kids, solo or group, to share instrumental or vocal music--if you choose. Or just listen and enjoy!

Followed by ART/Oberfest!

ART/oberfest Schedule for Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st

A Westside Community Celebration of Visual, Performance, and Culinary Art

Both days: Visual Art from over twenty local artists

Performances - Saturday, October 20th – 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

On Stage:

5:00 Leah Miller – belly dancer
5:15 Rusty Rittenhouse – magician
5:45 Dominika Adamova and Frank McDermott – poetry and music
6:05 Ehryan Everson – dancer
6:10 Quinn Schmallenberg and Zion Everson – dancer
6:15 Pete Wuscher and Matthew Bryant – music
6:45 Ethan Greene – music
7:15 Steve Zarate – music
7:45 Designated Spaces – spoken word
8:15 Bad Chemicals – music
8:45 Leah Miller and Jane Palmer – fire dancer and drums

Downstairs on Saturday:

Kids in Action, Haunted House Knit/Weave Workshop, OU T-Com children’s presentation, Chris Tomazik

Sunday, October 21st – 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

On Stage:

2:00 Leah Miller – belly dancer
2:15 Ngoma – drum circle
2:45 Rusty Rittenhouse – magician
3:15 Ehryah Everson – dancer
3:20 Quinn Schmallenberg and Zion Everson – dancers
3:30 Ethan Greene – music
4:00 Liz Pahl – music
4:30 Heartlanders – music
5:00 Reyshan Parker – play “Best Intentions”

Downstairs on Sunday:

Kids in Action, Haunted House Knit/Weave Workshop, OU T-Com’s children’s presentation, Xen Glick – 5:00 – 7:00