Monday, March 12, 2007

Appalachian Green Parks Project (AGPP)

Here is a message from our OVST friends, Charlie and Celia Lewis..

Now that spring is springing, there is a lot of activity surrounding the return of the Appalachian Green Parks Project (AGPP). In this project singers, actors and instrumentalists embodied the spirit of Appalachian culture through songs, stories, folk dancing, and puppetry. The project toured the State of Ohio via the Parks system, and travelled to Washington, D.C. during the mid-1970's. More history later…

We have been fortunate to locate materials that have until now been stored away in various locations, including attics, bedrooms, and studios. We were offered access to a cache of photos, tapes, posters, literature and newspaper clippings by the Ohio University Alden Library Archives, where they have been kept in storage for some years. Also, the Mills James Studio in Columbus was able to lend us session tapes from which Charlie will glean previously unpublished recordings from the same sessions during which the AGPP Record Album was created. There are plans to release the AGPP Album on CD to make available at the performances. As there is a bit more room on a CD than there was on vinyl, some of those takes may be included as "bonus" material -with permission of the performers, of course!

Excitement mounts as we contact each original member of the incarnations of the project. There is still a short list of folks for whom we have no contact information. Please let us know if you are, or if you are in touch with, someone who had anything to do with the project during these years: 1973 through 1976. Did you see a performance? Were you volunteering in an Ohio State Park or at the State Fair one year when the project was there? Do you have any photos or audio materials or memorabilia from a performance? We would love for everyone who touched the project to have the opportunity to re-connect with others who did. It was a lovely, compelling, and vibrant moment in time, and we're not sure we'll ever be able to present this opportunity again.


Snail: P.O. Box 25, Guysville, Ohio 45735-0025

Phone: 740-662-9928

Thank you, and please consider joining us either at the end of March (a weekend of concerts and presentations), or at least one day during the week of June 29 -- July 7, to witness this historic re-enactment of the Appalachian Green Parks Project.

Following is the current schedule of events:

Thursday, March 29, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
Gala Evening gathering:
7:00 p.m. - hors d'ouevres
8:00 p.m. -- Musical performances by a several local friends and former members of the project

Friday, March 30, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
8:00 p.m. - Evening Concert

Saturday, March 31, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
8:00 p.m. - Evening Concert

Sunday, April 1, at ARTS/West, Athens, Ohio:
2:00 p.m. - Family concert, including puppet shows, dancing, etc.

On each date from June 29 through July 7 there will be an afternoon and/or evening performance, featuring original members of the project. Most of these folks will arrive from out of town, and they found the summer dates easier to negotiate than those at the end of March. We will continue to update the schedule as plans form.

Keep an eye on our site for information as it becomes released. Charlie is posting photographs and soundbytes from the newly discovered memorabilia stacks. Very shortly there will be a website devoted to these events, but until that time, our website will serve the purpose.

Contact us with any questions, ideas, contact information andmaterials!

Thank you -Charlie & Celia Lewis

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