Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Angels and Wings

Hey, welcome, my Leadership Athens friends. I will know if you have viewed this blog!

Hey, welcome, everyone else! What is going on at ARTS/West? you say. Well, here is something: The Studio For Young Actors closed "The Snow Queen" on Sunday and they will be holding auditions for "Annie Jr." next week. Be sure and go to their website for more info.

Terry Fortkamp has added some more art classes and you can contact her at (740) 664-2330 to register and to find out more.

Laura Nadeau's Music Together ® will continue and you can find out more at www.musictogetherinathens.com.

If that is not enough for you, we are busy in our final techs and rehearsals for "Angels and Wings" Artists in Communities presentation March 9-10 at 8:00 pm and March 10 at 2:00 pm. ARTS/West is pleased to partner with dancer and choreographer Missy Whaley in the culmination of the Angels and Wings project.

Angels and Wings, a community project has been exploring close to death experiences with oral histories, soup suppers, workshops and video work, all leading to a multi-media dance theatre piece to be held on March 9th and 10th. All performances are at ARTS/West 132 West State Street, Athens, Ohio.

Angels and Wings will feature eight dancers, ages 16-through mid-fifties who have worked with Missy to choreograph a piece that captures the powerful stories and emotions that have emerged through the project during the past six months. Individuals who attended workshops and soup suppers were invited to share personal stories. Graceful “natural” deaths, tragic deaths, violent deaths, suicide, near death experiences and all of the confusion, peacefulness, fear and joy that these very human events create are woven into a theatre piece that celebrates our need to understand the inevitable—the loss of loved ones and our own ending.

For Missy Whaley, owner of the dance company, MinDCollision, it is important to include the community in creating and sharing dance and art. “Professional dancers are part of the mix, and they contribute amazing talent,” she notes, “but including community members who bring the passion of their personal stories is what makes the work powerful.” The piece is a perfect fit for ARTS/West, Athens city’s Community Performing Arts facility that promotes community-based art. Above all, the work of Angels and Wings has been to understand that death, like life, takes place in community.

The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans. Angels and Wings has additionally been financially supported by the Athens Foundation. Digital video equipment was generously provided by the Athens County Library.

As always, if you would like further information on the rental of our facility please call 740/592-4315. You know I don't always answer the phone, and you know I would if I wasn't so busy coordinating all of these super cool events!