Friday, January 26, 2007

This weekend starting 1.26.07

Dances of Universal Peace (Sufi Dancing). Friday, January 26, 2007, 7--9:30 p.m., Rm 1, $5 donation. Led by Nur al Haqq Richard Martin of Baltimore, MD "The Dances" were the inspiration of Murshid Samuel Lewis of San Francisco using the body, mind, and spirit, the aim of the dances is to bring joy and peace into your being. The steps are simple, much like folk dance, and participants sing or chant sacred phrases from many world religions. There will also be time for reading poetry, inner reflection, and discussion. Go to for more information.

SFYA 6-7:30 Rm 6/7.

Music together® 10-10:45 and 11-11:45 Rm 1,
Angels and Wings rehearsal 12-1:30 in the per space
Studio for Young Actors rehearsal 1-5, Rm 1.

SFYA 1-5 Rm 1
NOISE 6-9 per space

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