Thursday, August 03, 2006

Olympian Founders

I first off want to thank everyone who has become an OLYMPIAN FOUNDER! Names listed below and wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that it is not too late and I invite you to become an OLYMPIAN FOUNDER of ARTS/West. You may have already received some information about this campaign and it is not too late to join. We are seeking an up-front, one-time donation of $100 minimum from 255 supporters. We are half way to our goal!

This campaign was established to create a fund to accomplish the start-up and renovation of the ARTS/West facility. So far we have built the stage, installed a professional lighting system and have the 1st half of our sound system. We still need our recording system, a projection system, a back stage bathroom and ADA compliant (handicap) access to our basement.

Founding Olympians will be listed on a plaque in the facility and in publications listing supporters.

Please mail your check, money order or credit card and name you would like listed on the plague to information to:

ARTS/West, 132 W. State Street, Athens, OH 45701 or call Emily Prince at (740) 592-4315.


Chuck and Harolyn Brient
Joe Balding
Dru Riley Evarts
Krista Campbell
Kevin Martin
Ron Luce
Mary-Elizabeth Lasher-Myers
Judith Daso, Pat & Lonny Fraze
Anne Cooper-Chen
William and Karen Morgan
Karen and Richard Vedder
John and Juli Miller
Ray & Jane Hazlett
Ric & Mary Abel
Carol Patterson
David O. Thomas
Mimi & Lester
The Local Girls
Mort and Iris Hollander November
The Ohio Valley Summer Theater
David B. Callahan, Architect
Phyllis Dean
Athenian Players Theatre
Mirian Hart
Bill Cook
Tom and Susan Quinn
David Kurz
Charlie, Celia, Darby, Emma & Helen Lewis
in memory of Daniel C. Lynch
John Ray
The Chan Family
The Winters Family
Appalachian Regional Theater Company
Mary Lee Powell
Lenard and Diane Presutti
Joanne Dove Prisley
The Coombs Family
Tom and Clinton Calhoun
in memory of Shirley D'Auria
Art Saxe
Mark Phillips
William & Kathleen Condee & Family
Robert & Kristina Detty-Houser
Kleinpenny Rentals
Elizabeth and Martin Kordesch
Tom Lovdal
John D. Cunningham
The Peck-Suzuki Family
Tom, Jan and Lauren Hodson
Sung Ho and Yang Hi Kim
Margaret A. King
Lagraff & Biddinger
Lysa Burnier and David Descutner
Don & Mary Anne Flournoy
Dianne Bouvier
Anthony and Helen Chila
Lee Cibrowski
Steven Ross
Sara Green
Lisa Michele Rudy
Gene and Elizabeth Westenbarger
Linda and Rod Nippert
In Honor of Carol Patterson
Elaine Dabelko
Ted and Sue Foster
Linda Howard
Glen and Susan Kerkian
Mark and Rita Snider
George Weckman
Jim and Carol Ault
William and Arlene Baasel
Diane McVey & Craig Johnson
Gifford B. Doxsee
Tad and Ann Grover
Tim and Mary Hogan
Daniel Hudson
Anita C. James
In memory of our daughter Kristin Kostohryz
Deborah Stone Lowe
Cliff and Arline McCarthy
Peg McDargh
Anne and Guido Stempel
Mike and Maureen Wootton
Richard Dean
Gene Jennings
Allan and Esther Jean Lackey
Marlene and Joel Rudy
Margerat and Alex Topping
Norman and Margaret Cohn
Jim and Lennie Conover
Frank and Lorraine Myers
The Jacobs-Tobar Family
Toscano's, Oak Room Restaurant
League of Women Voters of Athens, Ohio
Charles S. and Amanda H. Buchanan
Leslie Schaller & Timothy Foran