Friday, June 09, 2006

This conversation is real...

HI, we’re making an update. Here’s our conversation.

Theo: Flowers are brightly shining and the summer sun is blooming.

Weekley: Hope is a thing with feathers!

T: Yeah…feather.

Rheal: The pool’s freezing but we’re all burning up.

W: ‘Cause we’re stuck inside

T: But we don’t care ‘cause Emily’s amazing.

R: That would be Emily Prince, the director of ARTS/West.

W: This means you should come to ARTS/West so that her amazing-ness can rub off on you.

T: Just so you’ll know for future reference I’m Theo, one of the lovely slaves of ARTS/West.

W: And I’m Rachel also a lovely slave here.

R: Yeah, I’m Rheal, and I’m a not so lovely but more productive slave of ARTS/West.

W: Yeah, she’s more productive but I live closer. We’re all here to absorb some of Emily’s amazing-ness.

T: And cause ARTS/West is cool!

W: So cool!

R: That’s why we’re all here.

W: We’re all, like, super cool.

T: Like Superman!!!

W: Woman.

R: Close enough.

T: We’re kinda supposed to be doing this to publicize ARTS/West.

R: So come see the shows here.

W: If you’re a good person you will come here.

T: Then it would look like we were actually doing our job.

R: But we are doing our job.

W: Not really.

R: We’re writing this stupid thing, aren’t we!

W: But we’re not writing it very well.

T: It could be worse.

W: Not much worse.

R: Anyway, Emily’s cool and ARTS/West is quite a lot of fun.

T: You should, like, be all interested and stuff.

W: Anyway, we have to go now.

R: Good-bye, Good-bye, Parting is such sweet sorrow…