Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hey, it's Wednsday

Hello, can you believe its Wednesday??? Well things are really busy here in a night time theatre sort of way.
This week Cleo has been quietly working by day on this amazing tree sculpture for Missy Whaley's Dance Performance on Saturday night. I hope there is a great turn out for this, it is an amazing amalgumation of media........ that one wore me out.

Saturday night from 7:30 to ??

Missy Whaley is choreographing a work in progress, TRACES with performances by Corina Iona Dalzell, and Wendy McVicker who will add some poetry to the whole shebang!! Music will be provided by Deb Dreifort, Dan and Emily Prince of Dinner with Swords. Missy's working title for this series is 'Angels and Wings' and is focused on peoples near death experiences...

Missy has applied for a grant and these performances that we are treated to work to raise matching grant money. This all enables Missy to work as an artist in residence at ARTS/West, in the fall she will be offering dance classes and the process of documenting will be done by another local artist Steve Fetsch. The classes that Missy will offer will be funded by the grant and will be free! AND as if that isn't enough, Saturday night you will also be able to enjoy the music of Steel Cut Oats, After Hours and the food artistry of Sam Chamberlain! It's a win win situation!

Join us in cheering on and supporting these artists
Sunday May 21 at 3:00 pm

Sunday will be the World/Athens premiere of The Great Kapok Tree! This is the product (because everyone loves product) of Rural Action's Educational Learning Program (ELP) and Dominika Adamova. They have been having a workshop with kids ages 4 to 12. The kids read several stories that had an environmental theme and chose one to work into a puppet show. It has been a flurry of activity with puppet making, set building, and script writting to turn out an interesting show about the Amazon Rainforest, conservation and protection.