Monday, May 15, 2006

After Friday the 12th

We made it through Friday and I think I can safely say that a great time was had by all!

Thank you to WOUB, Athens Community Center, all of our volunteers, Heather, Barbara, Rachel, Rheal, Paul, Susan, Dan, Suzanne, Linda and now I’ve gone too far and will surely forget someone who was instrumental so a great big thank you to all who came to see Clifford!

And, the Wayang Kulit! What a delight. I hope you stuck around and went on stage to play with some of the puppets. Thank you Tek, Bill and Sedana.

I know we were all a bit tired on Saturday but I think having two events in one night was a good idea! Well, for some people. I liked that there was a little something for a lot of people.

By the by, if you have sent Emily an email to the city address recently it is HIGHLY likely that she never saw it and is not ignoring you. Please call or resend. The city system crashed or some such thing and all of her emails are gone forever.

The Lost Flamingo Company is here teching "Cabaret." The costumes are racy, the singing is fantastic and I just love the space. Come and see this Thursday and Friday and be sure to come back Saturday for Missy Whaley's dinner and dance benefit. See May events below.