Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stage is dark; downstairs is bustling

We are back at the brewing stage! Greater Tuna has moved out, the stage is dark but we are getting ready for the next events.
Coming up still in April is the Grey Seal Puppet Show, which is FREE!! While it is not AT ARTS/West it is still an offering from the Community Center and we are all part of the same family! So come on down to the Community Center on April 27 and see ELVES AND TROLLS.
Kids sewing class is zipping along and we will have quite a few creations to show everyone. Sewing is such a great skill and by the by is a great way to build fine motor skills! It's all that and fun too..... Our first project is little felt dogs with articulated legs. I hope to put pictures of them up here when they are done so you all can see them.
Guitar class started this week also with our teacher Matt Brient. He has been teaching for 16+ years, students from age 5 on up!! We are also trying to arrange a schedule for Matt to have some older students also, if you have been yearning to expand your musicality this is a great opportunity!!!!
Another class that started that started this week was Rural Actions Environmental Learning Program's Puppet Workshop. A group of students, most under 12 will be collaberating and writing a show based on an environmental story. The students are under the guidance of Rural Action and are also joined by Domi ( of Jackie and the Giant fame). As if the workshop wasn't enough, the product of the workshop will be produced and open to the public!
Remember, this is a community facility, if you have a class that you would like to see offered, call us and we'll see what we can do. If you are qualified to teach a class that you think would appeal to our community give us a call, and always look us up when your looking for something to do!