Thursday, April 06, 2006

rentals, rehearsals, and rates, oh, my!

A lot of people are just finding out about ARTS/West, and we have a lot to offer! In addition to classes we offer rehearsal, performance, and gallery space for area artists and organizations! We are working at paying building expenses but have been trying to keep ARTS/West affordable for the entire community. Rates run from about $15 to $200 thats quite a range and the high end of the range also includes a house manager and sound technician. We even have a small kitchenette so that ARTS/West provides a nice space for lunchtime meetings and receptions.
Speaking of receptions, how was the shin-dig for Greater Tuna?? I was in yesterday afternoon and saw all the desserts lined up from Toscano's, they looked great and it was difficult to resist!