Thursday, April 20, 2006

Directions to ARTS/West or The Where We Are

ARTS/West is conveniently located at 132 West State Street. Approximately 5 blocks west of Casa, 2ish blocks west of Athens Middle School and like maybe 3 wierd blocks east of Millers Chicken. These are my landmarks!
If you are driving to the West State Street soccer or baseball fields on West State St. you will pass the middle school on your left, a block or two later you will pass a cemetary on your right and you will see that the road v's at the point of the 'v' is a large brick building that used to be a church, That is us !!!! Bear to the right and our driveway is immediately to your left and it is steep. The door at the back will usually be open, unless there is a performance, then there will be signage that will direct you to the appropriate entrance.

Stay tuned for possibly clearer directions from a more 'type A' person!