Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Choose Your Own Yarn Adventure
Knit & Crochet Class

Tuesdays, Feb. 26 - April 30, 5:30-7pm

This will be a knit & crochet class and the projects are going to be up to you! Nadine and Nancy will provide ideas for items that you can knit or crochet and then you bring the patterns and materials to complete your project.
As always you will have the support of Nadine, Nancy and your classmates!
All levels are welcome and project outlines will be added soon.
$6 a class or $50 for 10 weeks
Lets get classy and have adventures!!!!

For More Info visit the FB Event at: Choose Your Own Yarn Adventure

NOTE: Series goes through April 30.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Breakfast Lecture Series

Friday, February 22, 9-11am

Hello, Athens! Welcome to the February CreativeMornings event!
CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the local creative community with a focus on networking and inspiration.

Speaker: Nina Adanin
Presentation: Extreme & Creative - Mind without Borders
When & Where: Feb 22nd, 9:00-11:00am, at Arts West

The event is FREE, but RSVP is required
FREE tickets for the breakfast lecture are available at:
There are only 50 free tickets available!
Please make your reservation as soon as possible.

Nina Adanin is a doctoral student for Instructional Technology at Patton College of Education, Ohio University. She has conquered the world’s most challenging peaks: Mont Blanc, Grand Paradiso, the Grossglockner, Manaslu, Denali, Nanga Parbat, Aconcagua, Mt. Everest, and more. From Alaska to the Himalayas, she has not only climbed, but she has saved lives in
the process. Nina was awarded a medal of honor in Alaska for rescuing a mountaineer. She has ridden a motorcycle across Thailand and traversed the Atlantic in a sailboat.

Nina is interested in “Distance Learning in Extreme Environments”. Currently, she is working on the project of integration technology for collecting data regarding climate change in the polar regions.

What do a planet, an attractive face, and a snowflake have in a common? Symmetry.

Symmetry is prevalent throughout life. You can fold a sunflower in half, stories have an 
arc, and the human body can bend and create mesmerizing shapes. There are also irregularities that enhance life; they add beauty and complexity. If there’s symmetry in nature, then there must be a kind of symmetry in the way we lead our lives. 

Symmetry cannot be possible without asymmetry, the same way sadness magnifies joy.

Alan Lightman wrote in The Accidental Universe, “I would claim that symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in.” But chaos will happen whether we like it or not, it’s how we respond to it that either creates order or more chaos.

When in chaos, create your symmetry.

The Saint Petersburg chapter chose this month’s exploration of Symmetry, Anna Fadeeva illustrated the theme, and Mailchimp is the presenting partner.

Arts West is a part of the City of Athens' Arts, Parks & Recreation Department. Our mission 
is to make facilities, resources, and opportunities available to art organizations, individual artists, and community residents. Arts West harnesses community focus for all individuals engaged in the creation, performance, and exhibition of the arts while promoting activities preserving the beauty, heritage, and culture of our town. 

The Global Leadership Center strives to develop internationally minded, locally engaged leaders in all walks if life.

Due to limited seating (and breakfast food planning)
all CreativeMornings events require RSVP 
for the FREE tickets at .

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Book Launch for
The Community Table: Effective Fundraising through Events
by Susan Urano
Executive Director, Athens County Foundation

Friday, February 22, 5 to 7:30pm, @Arts West

Athens County Foundation's Executive Director, Susan Urano, wrote a book on her experience organizing the annual Bounty on the Bricks fundraiser, and Ohio University Press has just published the book, entitled
The Community Table: Effective Fundraising through Events
In the book, Urano lays out concrete steps for organizations looking to put together a fundraising event akin to the Bounty on the Bricks fundraiser, which is now facilitated and organized by OhioHealth. Each year the Bounty on the Bricks fundraiser raises funds for food pantries in the region by organizing a locally sourced meal for members of the Athens community on Court Street, which is closed down to facilitate the event. The event raises 
close to one hundred thousand dollars annually.

The book launch event is Friday, Feb. 22 at Arts West from 5 to 7:30pm

WOUB Interview available at this link:

Athens County Foundation Director Pens ‘The Community Table’

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Musical Workshop Series

1st Installment
Sunday, February 24, 2-4pm at Arts West

The Southeast Ohio Musical Lending Library, Stuart's Opera House
& Athens County Foundation present to you a musical workshop series! 
Starting with Fiddling with the Shaws: Liz & Lynn
Sunday, February 24, 2-4pm, at Arts West

What’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle? Besides a few adjustments to the bridge and perhaps string choice, the answer is, “Who is holding it and what are they doing with it?”
Join champion fiddlers and experienced folk music teachers Liz and Lynn Shaw as they explore various fiddle styles and techniques that give the instrument its signature sounds. Hear the differences between French Canadian and Cajun, Old Time and Bluegrass, Scottish and Irish, and other styles.
The “informance” part of the workshop will be followed by a lecture on the “care and feeding or your fiddle.” As time allows, Lynn, a luthier with 35 years experience repairing and restoring violins, 
will inspect fiddles and identify problems that are repairable.
 (Also, the mystery of bow bugs will be revealed!)
We will wind up the afternoon with a slow jam for those who already play and brought their instruments. Those without instruments wanting to join the jam may borrow one from the Musical Lending Library which will be open during and after the workshop.
Join this entertaining approach to all things fiddle, and become inspired to drag Grandma’s Stradivarius out of the attic and start fiddling around! ule!  

Tickets available at this link: Fiddling with The Shaws-Workshop Tickets
Please note: Tickets are offered at varying prices to make this series accessible to all - please pay what you can to help support the series. 

More info please contact, 740-592-4315
or visit the FB Event at Fiddling with the Shaws

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

3rd Thursday
Square Dance Social

Thursday, February 21, 7-10pm

Athens Old Time Music presents caller Joe Burdock, & musicians Tessa Dillion & Friends! They will bring us an evening of lively old time music.

$6 suggested donation. Dancing starts at 7pm.
No experience or partner needed. Bring friends, a good attitude,
& an adult beverage of your choice (with valid 21+ ID).

Featuring: A Cake Walk
Desserts provided by Twisted Sister Novelty Baked Goods

More info on Facebook at: Square Dance Social

Monday, February 11, 2019

Drum Circle @ Arts West
Friday, February 15, 8-11pm

Come join us for a night of drumming and dancing.
The space is open to all levels and ages. The circle is not limited to drums,
any and all acoustic instruments are welcome.
Parking is free on the street and in the lot.
Food and alcoholic beverages allowed. B.Y.O.B. (with valid 21+ I.D.)

Friday, Feb. 15, 8-11pm
Suggested donation of 5-10$ would be appreciated

to help support the space

This is a safe space where you can come to be your truest self.
This is an environment where you can put the worry of your days away
and become one with the rhythm. Whether you drum, dance, play another insturment, or just listen and take it in, there is a place here for everyone. There are no rules to participating in the sound. Even if you have never played an instrument, pick one up! There are plenty to borrow.

This group meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at Arts West, 8-11pm

More info on Facebook at: Drum Circle @ Arts/West  

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Self Care, Healing & Protection Practice
Mondays 6-7:15pm
February through May